Tayside Biodiversity


Forum Members Contacts

Tayside Biodiversity Co-ordinator

Catherine A G Lloyd

c/o Perth & Kinross Council
The Environment Service
Pullar House
35 Kinnoull Street
Perth PH1 5GD


Tel: 01738 475373


Andrew Barbour

Water and Wetland Working Group

Leader: Kate Baird

Contact: kate.baird@sepa.org.uk


Farmland and Upland Working Group (including Barn Owl Interest Group)

Leader: Carol Littlewood

Contact: carol@littlewoodlandcare.co.uk


People & Communications Working Group

Leader: Polly Pullar & Dennis Dick

Contact: pollypullar@yahoo.co.uk

Contact: dennisdick@wildview.info

Coastal and Marine Working Group

Leader: Kelly Ann Dempsey

Contact: DempseyK@angus.gov.uk


Woodland Working Group

Leader: Mike Strachan

Contact: Mike.strachan@forestry.gsi.gov.uk


Urban and Built Environment Working Group

Leader: Craig Borland

Contact: BorlandC@angus.gov.uk

Leader: David Williamson

Contact: DWilliamson@pkc.gov.uk

Small Blue Butterfly Species Interest Group

Leader: Barry Prater

Contact: barry@prater.myzen.co.uk


Tayside Swift Species Interest Group

Leader: Daniele Muir

Contact: DMuir@taysideswifts.co.uk

Sand Martin Species Interest Group

Leader: Ian Ford

Contact: ianford0705@btinternet.com


Tayside Amphibian and Reptile Group (TayARG)

Leader: Daniele Muir

Contact: taysideamphibians@yahoo.co.uk

Note – Dundee City Council is no longer part of the Tayside Biodiversity Partnership. For biodiversity enquiries within Dundee, please contact Alison Anderson, DCC Environmental Development Officer – Tel. 01382 433223; E-mail: alison.anderson@dundeecity.gov.uk