Tayside Geodiversity – Contact

Geodiversity - Contact

Tayside Geodiversity is a voluntary group that is interested in making Tayside’s geology and landscape better known. Designation of Local Geodiversity Sites is undertaken by the group which is made up of professional geologists, planners and countryside rangers, museum staff and enthusiastic amateurs.  The Tayside Biodiversity Partnership is a member.

If you would like to get involved with this work you will be made welcome at any of the group’s meetings or field trips.  To find out more, contact:

David Lampard
Hon. Chair, Tayside Geodiversity,
Curator (Geology and Zoology),
Leisure and Culture Dundee,
The Collections Unit,
Barrack Street,
Dundee, DD1 1PG
Tel: 01382 432384
email david.lampard@leisureandculturedundee.com