Tayside Biodiversity

Tayside Recorders – Newsletters & Information

Tayside Recorders - Newsletters & Information

Amphibians in Drains Report 2021 (Ballumbie)

A Survey of Kidney Vetch along the Angus Coastline (2021)

Pooling Our Ponds

Recording Sheet

Butterflies and day-flying moths of Tayside & Fife

Tayside Recorders’ Bulletin 2021

Small Blue Newsletter 2020

Tayside Recorders’ Bulletin 2020

Small Blue Newsletter 2019

Tayside Wildlife Recorders’ Day 2020

Small Blue Butterfly National Awards News

Tayside Amphibian & Reptile Group (TayARG)

Tayside Recorders’ Bulletin 2019

Small Blue Butterfly Populations in Angus

Tayside Amphibian & Reptile Group (TayARG)

Tayside Swifts

Tayside Recorders’ Bulletin 2018

Small Blue Walk & Training 2018

Sustainable Urban Systems (SuDS) Audit and Biodiversity Value Review Within Angus

SUDS Biodiversity Review (Perth & Kinross) 2015

Tayside Recorders’ Bulletin 2017

Amphibians in Drains Report 2014

Butterfly Survey Training Days – all welcome

Northern Brown Argus – 29th July

Celebrate 2nd Scottish Small Blue Week

Small Blue Newsletter

Small Blue Factsheet 2017

20 Years of Scottish Biodiversity Partnerships – the 2016 Celebratory Report

Tayside Recorders’ Bulletin 2016

Butterfly Conservation – East of Scotland Action Plan for Butterflies and Moths

Scottish Dragonfly Conference

Celebrate World Frog Day!

The 9th Tayside Recorders’ Day, Perth

Small Blue Butterfly Survey Training

Small Blue Update 2015

Angus Amphibian Ladders Trial 2014

A green cross code for frogs and toads

Tayside Recorders’ Bulletin Feb 2015

Small Blue Update 2014

RAVON Report

Amphibians in Drains Project

Species Identification Cards

Small Blue Survey

Small Blue information Sheet

Scottish Invertebrate News Nov 2014

Hop Gossip Autumn/Winter 2014

BRISC Recorder News 94

Scottish Invertebrate News April 2014

BRISC Recorder News 93

Tayside Recorders Bulletin April 2014

Amphibians in Drains Report 2014

BRISC Recorder News 92

Hop Gossip Winter/Spring 13/14

Scottish Invertebrate News Nov 2013

BRISC Recorder News 91

NARRS 10 Autumn 2013

BRISC Recorder News 90

Hop Gossip Summer/Autumn 2013

Scottish Invertebrate News April 2013

BRISC Recorder News 89

Tayside Recorders Bulletin April 2013

NARRS 9 Spring 2013

ARG Today Spring 2013

BRISC Recorder News 88

Hop Gossip Winter/Spring 12/13

Scottish Invertebrate News Nov 2012

BRISC Recorder News 87

Hop Gossip Summer/Autumn 2012

BRISC Recorder News 86

Scottish Invertebrate News March 2012

Tayside Recorders Bulletin March 2012

ARG Today Spring 2012

Amphibians in Drains Report 2012

Hop Gossip Winter/Spring 11/12

ARG Today Winter 2011

Scottish Invertebrate News Nov 2011

Hop Gossip Summer/Autumn 2011

Scottish Invertebrate News April 2011

Basin Bugle April 2011

ARG Today Spring 2011

Amphibians in Drains Report 2011

Hop Gossip Winter/Spring 10/11

ARG Today Winter 2010

Scottish Invertebrate News Oct 2010

Basin Bugle Oct 2010

Basin Bugle Oct 2010

Basin Bugle Aug 2010

Basin Bugle June 2010

Scottish Invertebrate News March 2010

ARG Today Spring 2010

Amphibians in Drains Report 2010

ARG Today Autumn 2009

ARG Today Spring 2009

NARRS 8 Autumn 2008

ARG Today Summer 2008

ARG Today Autumn 2007

ARG Today Spring 2007

ARG Today Autumn 2006