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21 Day Challenge Artwork & Photographic Gallery – Notes for teachers and parents:

Part of the 21 Day Challenge was to offer a selection of children’s activities.  We are very grateful to Demi Payne  for researching and compiling a 100-page booklet which we shared over the 21 days.  All these activity sheets are readily available online, but Demi’s compilation is now shared here. Explore the separate booklets for the following activities:

Children’s Activities – Booklets 1 to 4

Book 1 – Hedgehogs, ponds, gardens and minibeasts activities – Web Link

Book 2 – Dragonflies and butterflies, ospreys and swifts, badgers and beach activities – Web Link

Book 3 – Ladybirds and birds, amphibians and reptiles, squirrels and woodland activities – Web Link

Book 4 – Bugs, bees and plants, Scottish and global endangered species activities – Web Link

We are getting closer to the setting up of the New Nature Education Hub so if you would like to include your classes or children’s artwork to the new gallery please contact  We will need confirmation that you have permission to display the artwork, details and photos you provide.

If you are within Perth & Kinross and would like an Information pack for schools and to be kept in touch with biodiversity projects and initiatives you can join in, please contact Catherine at the email address above.

“Signposts to Biodiversity”

A new Teachers’ Guide – coming soon!