Tayside Biodiversity – Survey – First Sightings

Tayside Biodiversity - First Sightings Survey

Let us know where you see your first swallow, house martin, swift, or sand martin. Tayside Biodiversity Partnership would like to build a picture of where and when our summer bird visitors arrive. Please send us your first sightings – even if you don’t see all four species. Just fill in the information and press the submit button. Thank you.

Dark, almost black
Narrow, crescent shaped wings
Short forked tail
Length: 17cm
Wing span: 45cm
Call: screaming ‘shreee’

House Martin
Navy blue
White belly and white rump
Short forked tail
Length: 12cm long
Wing span: 27cm
Call: chirrup

Sand Martin
Mid brown
White belly and dark chest bar
Short forked tail
Length: 12cm
Wing span: 27cm
Call: chattering twitter

Metallic royal blue
White belly and red cheeks
Long forked tail
Length: 18 cm
Wing span: 33cm
Call: warble of trills and twitters

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